Oak 40 Compact Loft Open Plan Spacesaver Staircase

The Stairplan Oak 40 compact loft openplan space saver staircase is the open plan version our top of the range space saver staircase. Constructed in American white oak, the Oak 40 openplan is the ultimate openplan spacesaver staircase currently available.

Designed with recessed 40mm oak treads, 40mm oak strings and riser safety bars, this superb quality openplan spacesaver staircase will fit in with any decor. The Oak 40 is also available as a closed plan spacesaver staircase with 9mm oak veneered risers. The Oak 40 openplan spacesaver staircase can optionally be supplied with either one or two Traditional balusters (as shown in the picture) or European style balusters and handrails and carpet inserts as optional extras.

This staircase can be delivered fully assembled or flat packed and an be manufactured in any width up to 800mm with up to 16 risers. 90° landing turns are available as a bespoke feature on the Oak 40 openplan spacesaver staircase range.

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Oak 40 openplan spacesaver staircase

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